A Few of My Favorite Things: Adam Ostrow

Twitter Account: @JasonHirschhorn of Media Redefined, @Mediagazer, an aggregator about the most buzzed about things online, and I follow brands like @Nike, @VirginAmerica and @Starbucks that are doing interesting things with content and social media.

Virtue: Thoughtfulness, being able to see the big picture, not reacting to things emotionally but analytically.

Gadget: I’m really interested in wearable technology right now. Google Glass is interesting but I think it’s many years from being mainstream. But the personal health devices like Nike FuelBand, Fitbit and Jawbone Up that give analytics into your health are something I’m using personally everyday in my life to make sure I’m active enough. And I think that has enormous potential.

Meme: “McKayla is not impressed” and “Texts from Hillary.”

Brand: Nike. I’ve always been a huge fan – since Michael Jordan to all the things they’re doing with digital now. Everything they put out is of a certain quality and consistency. I could say that’s influenced the way we approach content at Mashable.

Read the extended interview with Adam Ostrow in MISC Winter 2014, The Balance Issue 

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