A Few of My Favorite Things: Scott Smith

App: Twitter has become my third hand. I constantly keep Twitter running, because it is basically a distributed intelligence network. There’s always new ideas, new insights, new comments, new thoughts, links, people reporting back from things they’ve just seen. It’s a social cognition that’s humming in the background all the time, both in terms of input and bouncing ideas off of people and refining them. Twitter is also great for finding a mixture of insights and ideas and opinions that aren’t yours

Brand: I’m pretty brand agnostic. I try not to fall in love with any one thing.

Virtue: Curiosity. I’m less interested in things like honesty and integrity. I cannot bear incurious people.

Twitter Account: @debcha, a professor at Olin College.

@justinpickard, one of my increasingly close friends and colleagues. @Paulgrahamraven is someone I’ve been reading traffic from who works in a semi-academic role and is also a science fiction writer.

Drink: I’ve become a gin and tonic drinker over the years. Moving to England will do that to you.

Scott Smith is a critical futurist. An extended interview with him appears in MISC Winter 2014, The Balance Issue.


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Robert Bolton

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