Take Part in the Dialogue of the Future

Join us at the CDO Summit in Toronto on October 25th

The world is busier, quicker, and more competitive than ever – and remaining relevant in a world of rapid evolution is increasingly difficult as new technologies continue to emerge and our culture shifts accordingly. The only solution is to constantly innovate, never accept that you have perfected what you offer, and prepare for success tomorrow, rather than today.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to an upcoming event from one of our partners, CDO Club. On October 25th, some of the world’s leading speakers and innovators will be attending the CDO Summit in Toronto to discuss the latest digital strategies and technologies in the market today. The conversations will stretch across sectors, incorporating organizations from the nonprofit space, the public sector, and the private sector.

By bringing together some of the boldest and brightest minds from a range of backgrounds, the CDO Summit will provide participants with an active, engaged network who are making a genuine impact on the world. By having the Chief Digital Officer from a car company speak alongside a Chief Technology Officer for an entire city, the Summit will open up a dialogue between verticals. And – as the borders between industries are eroding in the accelerated existence in which we live – this dialogue is not just timely, but also critical.

With the erosion of these borders comes opportunities to expand what both you and your business can do. Understanding how to utilize data-driven and technological change is the only way to grow in today’s dynamic market. The mix of speakers, as well as panels, discussion groups, and networking sessions, will make for the ideal intellectual stimuli for creating new ideas with far-reaching, long-lasting impacts.

What influences the world of today and shapes the world of tomorrow will be the ideas, products, services, and concepts that don’t bracket people as mere consumers. Although the Summit focuses on digital innovation, there is a wide-held recognition among the world’s leading innovators that true innovation begins by meeting human needs, not consumer wants. Attending the Summit will allow you to be a part of this dialogue of the future.

For a limited time, tickets are available at half price with the promotional code: CDOHalfPrice. So join us and our partners in defining what the future of digital innovation looks like.

the author

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith is a brand strategist at Crowns Creative.