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Idea Couture has just launched IMPACT: A Foresight Game on Kickstarter.

Much of the strategic foresight work we do at Idea Couture is about helping decision-­makers navigate uncertainty and capitalize on change. “Decision-­makers” in this case usually refers to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. For our clients, we function as a kind of strategic radar, identifying the threats and opportunities that aren’t in plain sight. We look beyond the purview of your typical corporate strategic planning cycle, instead speculating on possibilities that sit 7, 10, and 15 years out, or further.

Strategic foresight is a process, and a set of tools, for understanding and exploring change. While the majority of the foresight work we do at Idea Couture is with large enterprises, the critical and creative thinking skills inherent in foresight are valuable to all varieties of business, government, nonprofit, and especially citizen decision-­makers. That’s why we’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for IMPACT: A Foresight Game, our serious board game designed to teach and encourage thoughtful and imaginative futures thinking. Our mission is to encourage critical futures thinking and make the discipline of strategic foresight more accessible to everyone.IMPACT: A Foresight Game

Originally designed in collaboration with Policy Horizons Canada, IMPACT is currently used within the Government of Canada to help policymakers think about the long­-term implications of emerging change. The content is based on Policy Horizons’ foresight study MetaScan3, so as you play, you’re becoming familiar with the latest advances in science and technology, including neurotech, nanotech, artificial intelligence, IoT, biotech, and robotics. More than that, you’re actively considering and speculating on how technological events may interact with other change forces to influence various domains of society.

Players are encouraged to practice empathy as they play the game from the point of view of various character roles, each with their own “job from the future” and set of preferred future conditions that make their future job secure and prosperous. Players compete to achieve their character’s preferred future world by playing IMPACT cards, technological events with secondary impacts that affect various industries and societal realms.

Foresight is not just for business strategists and policymakers. Citizen decision-­makers of all varieties have the right and the responsibility to participate in determining the shape of tomorrow. When you’re playing IMPACT, you’re practicing many of the critical and creative thinking skills we use every day at Idea Couture. We hope it will empower a larger, more diverse population of citizens with the tools and skills of strategic foresight.

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Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton is head of foresight studio at Idea Couture. See his full bio here.