The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes

Veganism is the coolest it’s ever been. Dinner parties are awash with vegan options, not to mention the many trendy plant-based restaurants popping up. Meanwhile, conversations around the benefits of a vegan lifestyle on both individual health and the environment abound. But there’s still one problem: No matter how much better veganism may be for your body and the planet, it doesn’t quite hit the spot when you’re craving junk or comfort food. All too often, you might find yourself throwing your moral stance out the window and ordering fried chicken or ribs to satiate your cravings instead.

The Edgy Veg is a book created to address this very issue. The book’s recipes have all been created and written by Candice Hutchings – known for her popular vegan cooking YouTube channel, The Edgy Veg – and approved by her meat-loving husband, James Aita. The 138 recipes are part of a revolution to make vegan lifestyle accessible, especially for those who are looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without having to compromise on their love of good food.

The book is heavier in text than your average cookbook, with recipes that are designed to be approachable not only 
for readers who are new to veganism, but also to those who are new to the kitchen entirely. If you’re looking for a breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert, or midnight munchie that is both ethical and delicious, The Edgy Veg is the ultimate starter kit.


the author

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith is a brand strategist at Crowns Creative.