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Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World, PIE International

Although anime has been around for decades, there has been a notable revival in the genre as of late. Netflix is dubbing and rebooting old favorites, cutting-edge video game graphics are being pared down into nostalgic two-dimensional worlds, and the manga industry continues to stay strong, especially with the rise of digital publishing.

In Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World, it’s easy to see why anime and manga continue to garner interest. This beautiful collection features the work of 40 Japanese artists, depicting worlds that are fantastical and yet rooted in something familiar. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to calming snowy landscapes, the book depicts itself in a way that the genre too rarely does: as a true art form.

In the heart of these beautiful city scenes and landscapes are the characters that add further depth 
to each still. From telling body language to subtle expressions, the characters provide a further look into the worlds we are being invited to explore. Each 
spread brims with emotion and offers yet another scene to get delightfully lost in – this is a real page-turner.

The details of the artwork are so intricate that it can be overwhelming to consider the time and dedication that went into the completion of each piece – but it was clearly worth it. Fans of the genre will be left in awe, and those unfamiliar with anime and manga may find themselves scouring Netflix for the latest releases.

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the author

Esther Rogers

Esther is co-head of IC/ publishing at Idea Couture. She is based in Toronto, Canada.