Experience Art: Step Into an Extraordinary Visual Journey

The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk, by Hiroshi Unno

Take an unusual journey through art history in The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk, a stunning yet quirky book by Hiroshi Unno that challenges the ways in which we tell a genre’s story. Half in Japanese and half in English, this uniquely curated work features over
 360 pages of stunning artwork ranging from the Romantic Period to the Roaring Twenties.

From posters of Victorian fashion to the book covers of Jules Verne’s greatest adventures, we see the evolution of fantasy through the ages, including the inevitable infusion of futuristic steampunk elements inspired by the Industrial Age. The topic is thoroughly researched, yet undaunting to read. While the influences of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk are undeniable in today’s popular culture – from fantasy-themed video games and films to epic space operas – the roots of our favorite stories and franchises have never been presented in a more artistic way. Unno has created something truly worthy of the genre.

The book itself feels good to touch, with thick, textured pages that perfectly emote the poster-inspired feel of the content. The greatest challenge readers
 will face is stopping themselves from tearing the pages out to plaster their walls with the beautiful artwork.

If you’re interested in culture, design, or history, this is a must-have, but this book is guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone who simply enjoys holding a work of art in their hands.

Price: $49.95

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the author

Esther Rogers

Esther is co-head of IC/ publishing at Idea Couture. She is based in Toronto, Canada.