Going Beyond the Hardware at Wearable Technology UX 2015

Moving beyond high tech glasses and activity bands, wearable technology is more intimate and expansive than ever. Today’s wearable consumer craves more interactions and experiences from their wearable devices. But the consumer also wants to have a meaningful and quality interaction with the design. As the wearable industry continues to grow, Wearable Technology UX 2015 will shift the focus on the user experience, going beyond the innovations, technologies and hardware.

Focusing how the industry can think about the user experience from a tangential perspective, Wearable Technology UX 2015 will showcase the leading thinkers and doers who understand UX from various perspectives, at this year’s event. 

Continuing the conversations from London

Last year in London, Wearable Technology UX 2014 started the conversation on gaining inspiration when creating the next generation of wearables with the user in mind. Wearable Technology UX 2014 brought together perfume chemists, lingerie designers, DJ sound engineers, tattoo artists and cosmetics industry marketers, all to provoke the audience with how they approach “user experience” to create beloved, desired, intimate sensory touch-points with consumers.

Continuing those conversations in Seattle this year, Wearable Technology UX 2015 will take it one step further, highlighting human centered design while incorporating how UX is improving people’s everyday lives. 

A taste of what you can expect

The connected generation is causing a shift in the way retailers engage with customers. Businesses must redesign every aspect of the customer experience to resonate with trend setters and create relevant, engaging and familiar environment. But how can businesses create their brand from being “liked” to “loved”?  According to Jamie Bettencourt, Vice President of Premier Account Management, Experience Design and Strategy Consulting at MOOD, “a return to the fundamentals of what makes a great brand: focus, personalization, consistency and pure authenticity.”

In the session titled Setting the Environment for User Experiences, Jamie will further explore the topic of creating a loveable customer experience by design, while Chris Linnette, Director of Design at Spotify will share how a how a playlists can change your relationship with ​a wearable device. 

As Chris states, “from waking to sleeping, commuting to partying, studying to running, there’s a sound of every moment. We have access to more music than ever before, on more devices, in more moments. Portable, sharable, personal.” But how does music affect a moment and how do moments affect music? As new music streaming services come to the market, what will the future of music look like when we go beyond the device and focus more on the experience? Chris will discuss how to design for this new paradigm shift and what exactly does it mean for the future of wearables.

Want to hear more? Register for Wearable Technology UX 2015 and continue these conversations and many more in Seattle this October.

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the author

Jaraad Mootee

Jaraad is a technology analyst at Idea Couture.