Gray Malin: Artist from Above

How would you describe your style, both personally and professionally?

My personal style is classic, but always with a pop of color. This carries over into my work aesthetic, as well as interior decorating style.

Describe what you consider the
 lifecycle of one of your pieces – from ideation, to purchase, and beyond.

Some concepts take years of planning, while some take only months – but regardless of the time frame, all of my collections have their own personalities and storylines that aim to be timeless. Each concept ignites an adventure; I traverse the globe to bring my inspired visions to life, and the ultimate
 goal is to have an incredible moment hanging on the purchaser’s wall for years to come.

It seems like almost every established brand wants to work with Gray Malin.
Did you anticipate branching out to fashion, food, and home decor?

The type of work I like to create is approachable, yet it has a bit of unexpected whim which people connect to and want to incorporate into their own lives. It will always begin with photography, but the extension into other mediums, like fashion, has been very organic. I like to partner with brands that
align with my aesthetic, like Sperry – both of our brands are so closely connected to the ocean and a beachfront lifestyle. I also like to create my own products, like iPhone cases and beach towels, that are easy to incorporate into someone’s day-to-day. It really has been a natural evolution of the Gray Malin brand, from artwork to relatable lifestyle products.

What differentiates Gray Malin “the artist” versus Gray Malin “the brand”? How do the two intersect?

Excellent question. The lines do get blurred at times, but what helps to keep things separate yet interconnected is that, I, the artist, live the lifestyle that’s represented in the brand. I connect to visual things, whether it is art
 or a fashion item, that make me stop, take a second look, and then smile. This is exactly what I try to bring to the brand – I want to create things that make people happy.

Tell us more about your tagline,
“Make every day a getaway.” Describe
 the escapism and sense of whimsy in
your work.

It’s about capturing a moment in time that evokes a sense of adventure and joy, whether it’s a place that you have fond memories
 of, or a dream getaway destination. To have a piece of artwork that takes you there just by looking at your wall is a pretty incredible thing to have readily available in your home or office, don’t you think?

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Mira Blumenthal

Mira Blumenthal is lead editor, communications at MISC.