HackerNest: Taking Tech Social to Foster Community

HackerNest meetup hosted by Idea Couture. Photo by Saajid Motala
Photo by Saajid Motala


Photo by Saajid Motala
Photo by Saajid Motala

Put 400 tech heads in a room, add alcohol, stand back and wait for the collaboration to happen.

That’s what HackerNest, Canada’s largest tech social, is doing with its monthly tech meetups in Toronto, Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne, to name only a few cities on the non-profit’s roster.

HackerNest Founder Shaharris Beh says the aim was, at least initially, to get a group of people together who were, in his words “a lot smarter than me” and simply hang out.

“People weren’t really building community through these other events I went to”, Beh says. “Any event with the word networking in the title, you immediately know it’s going to be horrible. I think we have one of the only tech events that people are not ashamed to invite their friends to.“

While the aim of the tech social isn’t to spark collaboration that’s exactly what the community environment is fostering. Post Beyond, the Toronto based social media startup aimed at making social media sharing of approved content easier, had its beginnings at a HackerNest event in Toronto.

As the organization’s website itself says, the meet ups are rescuing nerds from isolated basements, offices, and code tunnel vision everywhere.

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