IC Team Takes Home Silver at Cannes Young Lions

Idea Couture’s copywriter John Wither and art director Ihar Turtsou have placed 2nd nationwide in Cannes’ annual Young Lions competition.

Once a year, top advertising teams from around the world compete in a weekend-long gauntlet to determine who can conceptualize and execute the best advertisement in their respective country. Across categories including print, film, cyber, and media, the Idea Couture creative duo won silver in print with their work for client No Place To Hide, an anti-cyber bullying initiative.

Known industry-wide for its quick turnaround and hyper competitive nature, Cannes gives teams only 24 hours from when they receive the brief to conceptualize, execute, and submit their final ad for consideration.

Playing off the tropes of social media iconography, John and Ihar crafted an ad that utilized the Facebook-synonymous ‘like’ button as a harbinger for self-harm. The whole ad blank except for the thumbs-up and a tagline, the only difference came in the form of a small pool of blood that collected in the icon’s sleeve.

“Bluntly, it’s the suggestion of a slit wrist,” Wither says.

“But more so, it’s about creating a cognitive connection between an image we interact with everyday and the social weight it carries. For us, it was more than eliciting a visceral reaction; it was a statement, one we hope lingers with the viewer long after the ad. So, when they see the ‘like’ button on Facebook, they’re reminded of our visual and the implication that comes with it.”

Ultimately, the tagline reads: “Every click has consequences.” It’s a testament to the client’s belief in placing responsibility on those who perpetrate online.

Photo: Kaitlin Churchill

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