The Impact of Clarity – Interview with Lee Steffen

This post originally appeared on DesignThinkers, an annual conference hosted by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers

Lee Steffen will be speaking at DesignThinkers 2016 where he will be talking about The Spark.

An award-winning creative director, photographer, composer and popular speaker, Lee Steffen strives to find the beating heart of every creative venture and inspire others to do the same. This strategy has led Lee in his brand campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, international non-profits, presidential campaigns and globally renowned individuals ranging from Maya Angelou to Johnny Cash.

His efforts have attracted tens of millions of hits online in more than 130 countries. His clients include MTV Networks, Random House and Capital Music; his work is featured in TIME, ESPN Magazine, The New York Times and CNN, and on A celebrity photographer, Twitter has named Lee one of the “Top 100 Photographers”.

Q. Can you describe some of projects that you recently completed or are working on that you could share with our audience?

A. I’ve recently had the privilege to help with brand strategy and creative direction for one of America’s most prestigious acting schools. They’ve had alumni ranging from Grace Kelly to Robert Redford and Anne Hathaway.

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 We also developed a full brand campaign, including strategy, copywriting, branding, design, and development for one of the world’s most exclusive travel concierge services. They have created global adventures ranging from weightless astronaut training to organizing a private ballet recital with the St. Petersburg Ballet.
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We also recently created all of the interactive installations in the Johnny Cash Museum, which hosts more than 200,000 visitors annually.
Johnny Cash Museum

Q. What is a new challenge/change impacting the design community that you are addressing?

A. The easy answer would be to list a new app or technology and say that we’re “not adapting to ‘trends’ fast enough.” However, a recurring theme I continue to see within the design community and with clients is a lack of clarity in their messaging. Our brains are drawn to clarity and away from confusion. People want to tell their  story in a way that resonates with others, but often fall short. As a result, there is a massive need arising to merge messaging with strategy and design.

Q. Why should someone attend DesignThinkers to hear your talk?

A. I’ve met with so many creatives over the years that have a hunger to not only get better at their craft, but to make a difference in the world. I’m excited to share how to discover your true purpose and ignite your creativity in a new way that can enable you to be a light to others.

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