Introducing The Human Experience Issue

We’re very excited to announce the release of our fall magazine, The Human Experience Issue.

It will be hitting shelves around the world in the next couple of weeks, but you can download the digital version now. If you prefer something a little more tangible, you can also order the issue online and sign up for a print subscription. Either way, both have the same great content!

While we usually love talking about breakthroughs, brands, and disruptors, we take a slightly different approach with this latest issue, focusing on the human experience itself. We’ve brazenly explored the topic with criticism, imagination, and insight in tow. Could we be heading into the Transformation Economy—where the surprises and delights of the experience economy have faltered? What will the introduction of artificial intelligence into our most private spaces do to our perception of the human experience? How do experiential expectations differ depending on culture? And can sheer human feeling be predicted, anticipated, even engineered—as the industry of experience design has sought out to answer?

Featuring exclusive interviews with award-winning filmmaker and founder of Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab, Lance Weiler, Cirque du Soleil‘s executive director of creations Welby Altidor, eating designer Marije Volgelzang, and groundbreaking architect Glen Santayana, we promise MISC‘s take on the human experience does its nuances justice.

We hope you enjoy The Human Experience Issue.

the author

Esther Rogers

Esther is co-head of IC/ publishing at Idea Couture. She is based in Toronto, Canada.