/ Vol. 23 2016: 2020

2020 isn’t far away – but there is still time to make important changes to both businesses and the world around us. While it’s tempting to think many years beyond, it’s the near future that often makes or breaks a company, sometimes even an industry. The last couple of decades have been nothing less than a stark reminder of just how much can change in a short period of time. So it’s time to ask this important question: what will you change by 2020?

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The New 40

Supporting the Sandwich Generation of 2020 I remember my father’s 40th birthday well. My parents had just finished renovating our suburban house, and they decided to have a party to celebrate and use the new space. It was 1990 and I was ten years old. I spent the evening trying to keep up with my…

2020: Living in an Era of Connected Cars

In the upcoming era of connected devices, internet connected cars will become a major facet of the exploding Internet of Things (IoT). Chinese tech giant Alibaba recently launched an “internet car” in partnership with SAIC, which is powered by its own operating system – YunOS. The car offers its passengers a range of futuristic features,…

Create/ Elizabeth Jameson

How does your artwork navigate the divide between science and art? My artwork lives at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Connecting these communities has given me so much joy and enabled me to challenge how so many people looking at disease from various perspectives see themselves, their work, and their community. I am…