Key Takeaways from ResolveTO

ResolveTO was a great couple of days. Despite the conference only being in its first year, its ambitious goal was to bring together big companies, startups, government groups, and others to talk and listen to each other.

Here are a couple key takeaways that emerged from the conference and were reinforced by the winners, who took home incredibly generous prizes.

Canada’s Strength Is Still Enterprise

Companies like Intellocate, Humi, and Rewordly highlighted the proud heritage Canada has in creating “best in category” enterprise software. Each company is grounded in a firm understanding of their customer needs, and is using those painpoints to drive sales.

Intellocate is a communication tool for multi-site businesses, like retail chains. Humi is a beautifully designed, all-in-one HR management suite. Rewordly solves the problems we all have in sharing and annotating articles and pdfs. So the future looks bright for enterprise.

AI Continues to Make Waves

AI applications that are designed to make the user’s life easier were well represented at ResolveTO. The use cases on display from Zoom.AI and Success.AI were all about delivering on the initial promise of automation. Both companies are turning painful, multi-step processes (personal assistant and customer success respectively) into simplified conversational interfaces.

Through events like this, and others like TechTO and CIX, Toronto’s tech professionals and stakeholders are creating a community of innovation that hasn’t existed since the early 2000s.

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Jared Gordon

Jared Gordon is head, financial services innovation Idea Couture. See his full bio here.