A New World of Wireless Audio: The Headphone by Bragi

There are few things as relaxing as losing yourself in a song or a podcast. Blocking out the chaos of the day and immersing yourself in an audio experience can be a stress-relieving, endorphin-filled experience of delight. The Headphone by Bragi is the ideal partner for achieving this serene state – or for simply taking a conference call.

With comfortable in-ear “FitTip” earbuds and six hours of battery life, these wireless headphones can help you block out noisy colleagues or jam to some tunes on the subway – and the sound quality is superb. The Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers provide crisp, high-quality audio, and the Audio Transparency function allows you to hear what’s going on around you (if desired) without removing the buds from your ears.

Of course, connecting wireless headphones via Bluetooth is never seamless, but once it has been connected initially, your device will continue to automatically recognize the headphones. The easy-to-use controls also allow you to take calls or connect to your phone’s digital assistant, making the Bragi headphones just as user-friendly – and a whole lot cooler – than regular headphones.



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Mira Blumenthal

Mira Blumenthal is lead editor, communications at MISC.