Raden: A Case For Better Travel

Forget dead devices, excess baggage charges, and lost belongings, Raden is the new, efficient, and fashionable way to travel.

Their slogan rings true: Raden’s smart luggage is the case for better travel. While traveling can sometimes be anxiety inducing and stressful, Raden’s bags make globetrotting seamless and enjoyable – whether you’re embarking on a short, impromptu business trip, or a long journey abroad.

I recently took their A Series luggage for a spin and immediately loved its high quality design and useful features. Its double spinning Japanese-designed wheels, reversed zipper, and hard shell allow the suitcase to glide gracefully through the airport. The luggage is available in a 22’’ carry-on and a larger 28’’case, and there’s a variety of colours to choose from. Both are are sleekly designed and sophisticated for the luxurious traveler, yet convenient and tricked out enough for the business executive or techie.

Slowly but surely, Raden is trying to revolutionize the luggage industry. Going up against brands like Samsonite and Rimowa isn’t easy, but Raden’s founders are determined to be more innovative and user-friendly than their luxurious competitors.

Credit: Raden
Credit: Raden

By far the best part of the case is all the smart features. The case has a Bluetooth tracking device to give you peace of mind; an ergonomic handle that doubles as a scale; and a charging pod with two USB ports. All three features connect to an app that gives real-time updates on your suitcase’s location and provides up-to-date traffic and weather information – and people can’t get enough of it. Already written up by Vogue, The Verge, New York Times, and coolhunting.com, these cases are rapidly becoming all the rage.

Raden’s luggage really is an executive’s best travel companion. Compact, easy to use, and modern, I can definitely picturing myself using this case well into the future.


Raden’s smart luggage is available online and at their SoHo pop-up shop.

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