Pepper B. Pillows

The perfect throw cushion should imbue your apartment with an air of love and care, bringing an element of class to your sitting room while also creating a cozy ambiance for those days spent curled up on the sofa. It’s a difficult mix to find, but one that Pepper B. Design has perfected with its latest cushion covers.

For $73-79 USD, the Bloom Pillow combines a timeless floral design with a minimalist touch. The indigo, pink, or gray pattern (depending on your preference) is offset by a crisp, clean white. When paired with the playful, geometric lines of the Misfit Stripe Pillow,
 the cushion has the potential
 to create a seating experience equally fit for Friday night cocktails and Sunday afternoon movies.

Danni Simmen, Pepper B. Design’s owner, designer, and creator, works with local Toronto artisans and small businesses to bring the products to life. Her active involvement means that all Pepper B. products maintain the high standard that the company was founded on.

Toronto, CA.

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Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith is a brand strategist at Crowns Creative.