Repurposing Purpose

CONNECTING TO AN IMAGE OF THE FUTURE Let’s define purpose as “the reason for which we exist.” As humans, we have the ability to choose our purpose. In my 2011 book Consumershift: How Changing Values Are Reshaping the Consumer Landscape,
 I outlined a few common purposes people have based on the way they orient their…

Owning Purpose

As the deleterious effects of neoliberal economics continue to pile up (income inequality, environmental degradation, job losses, increasing household debt, a shrinking middle class, 
a growing underclass, etc.), 
it’s becoming clear to many that the rules of the game need
 to change. The stock market, which was meant to be a source of capital 

Skillful Desire and the Buddhist Path to Better Business

Ever since Milton Friedman proclaimed that the market is “amoral” and the sole purpose of business is to make a profit, commerce has used the license of free market ideology, not only to excuse itself from any moral obligation towards the society in which it operates, but to threaten the bonds that have held that society together. At this juncture, neoconservatives would…