The Future of Wearable Tech May Be Luxury Fashion

Apple’s announcement that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts will oversee its retail strategy and operations may be a clue to the future of wearables as Apple sees it. Ahrendts is Apple’s second notable hire from the luxury fashion industry in the last few months. Former Yves Saint Laurent CEO, Paul Deneve, was hired by the tech giant to oversee special projects in July, a move that was widely seen as an indication Apple was looking to develop fashion forward wearables such as the much-anticipated iWatch.

While the hire of Ahrendts is big news, it’s hardly surprising. The long-standing CEO’s reinvention of customer experience at Burberry is well known and, according to some critics at least, Apple could use a bit of Ahrendts’ magic.

Apple aren’t the only ones looking to luxury fashion. If the adoption of Nike Fuelband as the device du jour by the fashion A-list and Vogue’s 12 page fashion feature showcasing Google Glass are anything to go by, Apple might be on to something.

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Jamie Farshchi

Jamie Farshchi is managing editor, digital for and senior editor for MISC. She is based in Toronto, Canada.