Watson vs. Jan de la Fontaine – Checkmate on Creative Problem Solving

Creative process is the means to crystallize imagination into tangible outcomes. It’s a method, not a result. When asked to write about creative process, we wanted a real life experience: our discussions have been continuously nurturing our inspiration. Creative process cannot be a monologue. We wished to design both a truly challenging and aspirational journey. The idea of a poem, where each line would count a primary number of words, appeared as the perfect frame: primary numbers resist any division excepted by them, impossible to dilute each one’s thoughts! The poem’s symmetrical form became the symbol for the balance of our joint contributions. Each of us has written a couple of lines, awakening his partner’s curiosity, inspiring the other’s thoughts… till the conclusion, that made it all obvious: to remain creative, a process can’t but be constantly reinvented.

Unlimited yet cautious, unframed yet disciplined, unsynchronized yet converging; “we” escaped from the individual temptations of rebellion to rules, principles, habits and conventions, but were inspired by this extremely ambitious task. Producing this poem through the personification of our Freedom, we became the soldiers of each other’s commandment, while making our soul obey a divine inspiration. Freedom is hard to tame. Yet, with this poem written by Jan and Rey, the dream is the process by which independent minds meet one another and experience the desire to make sense through the unique game of liberty.

Celebrating the prison of the format, as the ultimate playground for impertinent minds,

Please kindly welcome this creative exercise when your creative process starts where my nose ends,

This poem
Is about Watson,
La Fontaine, and Creative Process.
The dream that tomorrow, computer will generate
Ideas that do checkmate Jean De La Fontaine or Charlie Chaplin
“No way” as Alex F. Osborn did argue in Applied Imagination by 1979!
May the human brain keep the power to reinvent its own algorithms. Inspired by the inimitable magic of ephemeral
Moments, that we see dying every second. Programming tears, composing smiles in binary systems, loosing nuances of unexpected?
Would it be really foolish, in times of atomized personalities getting lost and found in social networks, to dream about calculated sincerity, artificial trust?
It feels like the day has come, when the unpredictable becomes an option to choose. Life feels pretty inoffensive through the lens of randomized minds, making every heartbeat hesitant.
We will die in this very moment. Confusion of feelings, substitution of souls, silence of minds. Finally, we offer to machines the absolute concentration.
Friedrich Nietzsche is welcoming us, holding an iPhone with disabled touchscreen. Alienated dreams are getting out of our control.
In this panic, looking for meanings, reason to live and the dream to claim for our birthrights,
Time will be to offer to machines the chance to formulate the problem
Their challenge as the subject, and their peers the judges
To validate the elegance of the responses
And the change to checkmate
Ready to win?
Apply imagination.

Change the process. Make the machines busy designing problems, formulating questions, expressing issues, experiencing fears, anger, panic! …and then, press ENTER into their mind.

In a human, caring, sensitive way. Bring the solution, they’ve been desperately processing for, and smile.

the author

Reynald Fleury